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Imaging software available at General Instrumentation:

  • Fiji, a distribution package of ImageJ  (download from 
  • LASX (Image analysis pc; download from Leica Microsystems)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Install server science faculty
  • Huygens-confocal basic deconvolution software (Image analysis computer GI)
  • Kolor AutopanoGiga (to stitch moisaic images; images analysis pc)
  • VMD (Image analysis pc)
  • Ulead Gif (gif animation: image analysis pc)
  • IMOD (tomography TEM: image analysis pc)
  • Cygwin (tomography TEM: image analysis pc)
  • PEET (tomography TEM: image analysis pc)
  • Etomo (tomography TEM: image analysis pc)
  • Esprit Quantax (element analysis TEM: image analysis pc)


Imaging software available at the Microscopic Imaging Centre:

Offline microscopy and analysis software

Image analysis and presentation


Links on microscopy, data analysis and image processing