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Radboudumc Technology Center - Microscopy



RTC Microscopy is a state-of-the-art facility for imaging of fixed and live biological specimens utilizing:

All available for researchers within and outside the RU and UMCN

Check who is the responsible of a device and contact him/her for INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING A DEVICE





The purpose of the facility is 3-fold:

  • To support various research projects by providing imaging expertise.
  • To provide the latest in imaging technology, which may be too costly for individual labs to purchase and maintain on their own.
  • To educate users, students and others interested in the theory and practice of different imaging techniques and equipment.



Access to RTC-M equipment is restricted to registered users who have been properly trained and have accepted the policies.

First time users should always contact MIC staff members for initial consultation.
Sharing of accounts (logins) is explicitly prohibited and will result in termination of access to all facilities for the owner of the account.
Cancellation should be done at least 24 hrs ahead otherwise the MIC reserves the right to charge for any time that is reserved on the calendars but is not used. For cancellation (and information) please sent an email to