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  PhenoImager HT a.k.a Vectra Polaris
Short namePhenoImager HT a.k.a Vectra Polaris
Full namePhenoImager HTâ„¢ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System
Multispectral imaging on the PhenoImager HT can be applied across a whole slide using, multiplex immunohistochemistry slides, but also fluorescently stained slides, HE stained slides, chromogenic stained slides, etc. Multiplex immunohistochemistry stained slides enables the biology to be explored at multiple scales, from cell-to-cell interactions to the macroscopic tissue architecture. When using IF or IHC stains, multiple proteins can be measured on a per tissue, per cell, or per cell compartment (e.g. nuclear, cytoplasmic) basis.
  • Objectives 10x (1.00μm/pixel), 20x (0.50μm/pixel), 40x (0.25μm/pixel)
  • MOTiF filter cubes (max 7 color imaging); Dapi, Opal570, Opal690, Opal480, Opal620, Opal780, Opal520 autofluorescence filter (proprietary)
  • LCTF filter cubes (max 9 color imaging); Dapi, Opal 780, Opal 480, Cy5 MSI, FITC, Cy3, Texas Red
  • LED lightsource
  • 80 slide capacity 
Costs: 25.00 euro/h. Training: 56.50 euro/h.
CategoryAdv. Light Microscopy
LocationM320.02.042 #814
ApplicationsWhole slide scanning at different magnifications (4x, 10x, 20x and 40x), brightfield scanning (multispectral), fluorescent scanning (multispectral), filters (Opal480, DAPI, FITC, Cy3, Texas red, Cy5, Opal780), autofluorescence compensation
Contact 1Mark Gorris
Contact 2Gert-Jan Bakker