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  High content Sample Finder AI
Short nameHigh content Sample Finder AI
Full nameAxioobserver7 with Sample Finder AI
The Zeiss Axio observer with Sample Finder AI is a widefield system that allows researchers to perform high-resolution multi-color automated imaging. The system is equipped with a color camera for common histological stainings including HE, DAB etc. as well as a 12-bit camera for fluorescence imaging. The system is suited for all sorts of samples including plates, dishes and slides. The system has incorporated sample finder for artificial intelligence options and image guided acquisition and allows various options for focus strategies.
Costs: 17.50 euro/h. Training: 49.50 euro/h.
CategoryAdv. Light Microscopy
Techniquewidefield microscopy
LocationRT (M850) 06.080
Contact 1Manon Vullings
Contact 2Marieke Willemse