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Short nameSTORM
Full nameSingle Molecule Localization Microscope

The STORM (Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) is a home-built microscopy system that allows researchers to perform three-color, 3D single molecule localization microscopy of fixed samples. The system has three laser lines (488, 561 and 647 nm) for imaging conventional fluorophores and a 405 nm laser line to stimulate blinking of the fluorophores. STORM is a super-resolution technique with a resolution of approximately 10-20 nm, which is about 10x better than conventional confocal or widefield microscopy.

Costs: 31.50 euro/h. Training: 63.50 euro/h.

Message 1Please contact Ben Joosten
CategoryAdv. Light Microscopy
TechniqueHome build STORM setup
LocationRT (M850) 6.61
AccessResearcher after thorough and subject related instruction/training by qualified MIC personnel
ApplicationsSuper-resolution microscopy (resolution 10-20 nm) of fixed samples
Contact 1Ben Joosten
Room: M850.06.075
Contact 2Gert-Jan Bakker