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  Raman Microscope
Short nameRaman Microscope
Full nameWITec alpha 300R Raman microscope

The Raman microscope uses a laser source, confocal microscope set-up and spectrometer to allow for non-destructive chemical characterization for a large variety of materials, including fixed tissues.  Due to the confocal nature of the microscope 3D spectral imaging with <1µm resolution can be achieved.

CategoryLaser Scanning Microscopy
TechniqueWITec alpha 300R Raman microscope for 2D/3D chemical characterization
LocationEMC-CDL (M220) Room 1.035 (r231
Accessresearcher after subject related training
ApplicationsAdvance Raman microscopy set up for non-destructive 1D, 2D and 3D chemical characterization.
Contact 1Robin Meijden
Contact 2Rona Roverts