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  Leica SP8 SMD
Short nameLeica SP8 SMD
Full nameLeica SP8 SMD
The Leica SP8 SMD is a laser scanning confocal microscope that allows researchers to capture high-resolution multi-color 3D images of fixed and living cells. The system is especially tailored for functional imaging methods. The single molecule detection (SMD) sensitivity allows users to perform in-depth fluorescence (cross)-correlation spectroscopy (FCS) experiments, enabling them to observe and measure dynamic interactions between different (small) molecules and particles in living cells. The SMD is also suited for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), which is the preferred fluorescence detection method for FRET (Förster resonance energy transfer) sensors and other molecular sensors. The Lightning (deconvolution) technology on this system provides a 1.7x increased resolution as compared to normal confocal microscopy (providing approximately 140 nm lateral resolution). The system is equipped with the following lasers: 405 nm diode, argon (458, 477, 488, 514nm) and a white light laser (470 - 670nm).
Costs: 38.50 euro/h. Training: 70.00 euro/h.
Message 2All fine! Dongle has been replaced.
CategoryLaser Scanning Microscopy
LocationRT (M850) room 6.73
AccessResearcher after thorough and subject related instruction/training by qualified MIC personnel
ApplicationsConfocal imaging, time-lapse imaging, fluorescence (cross-)correlation spectroscopy (F(C)CS), fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), super-resolution imaging (140 nm resolution), FRAP, FRET, all conventional fluorophores within the visible spectrum
Contact 1Gert-Jan Bakker
Contact 2Marieke Willemse
Room: M850.06.075