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Short nameLSM880
Full nameZeiss LSM880 with Airyscan
The Zeiss LSM880 with Airyscan is a laser scanning confocal microscope that allows researchers to capture high-resolution multi-color 3D images of fixed and living cells. The system is equipped with a heated stage and sample chamber for time-lapse imaging of several hours. The Airyscan technology that is available on this system provides a 1.7x increased resolution compared to normal confocal microscopy (providing approximately 140 nm lateral resolution) as well as an improved signal-to-noise ratio for higher quality images.
Costs: 31.50 euro/h. Training: 63.50 euro/h.
CategoryLaser Scanning Microscopy
LocationRT (M850) room 6.65
AccessResearcher after thorough and subject related instruction/training by qualified MIC personnel
ApplicationsConfocal microscopy, time-lapse imaging, super-resolution imaging (140 nm resolution), FRAP, FRET, all conventional fluorophores within the visible spectrum
Contact 1Marieke Willemse
Contact 2Koen van den Dries
Room: M850.06.075