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Categories - Electron Microscopy

Short nameSigma300
Full nameZeiss Sigma 300
Message 1SEM is moved to new location in CDL
Message 2Closed due to the COVID-19 (corona) situation and restrictions
CategoryElectron Microscopy
TechniqueZeiss Sigma 300 Field Emission Scanning Electron microscope
LocationRT (M850) room 6.55
Accessresearcher after instruction by Dr. J.A.M. Fransen
Applicationsfield emission scanning electron microscopy with X-ray EDS (Bruker Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry) for chemical (element) analysis, backscatter electron detector, STEM detector (scanning transmission electron microscopy) and Atlas 5 AT software.
Contact 1Mariska Kea - te Lindert
Contact 2Jack Fransen
Contact 3Martijn Martens
File 1file 1