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Short nameChopper
Full nameRetsch SM 200

Guidelines to use the chopper.

Never start using this device without first having received instructions from one of the technicians. Peter, Hannie, Roy, Germa

With stable isotopes enriched material is not allowed.

The chopper is equipped with a high speed chopping rotor and a 4 mm sieve. Use it carefully and prevent the knives becoming blunt by maltreatment. Watch out cutting yourself!!

Before you start, make sure that your samples are completely dry. After storage, dry them again overnight before you start to chop the samples. If the material is not dry it will be tough and it will contaminate the chopping chamber and in severe cases obstruct the sieve.

-make reservation in the system of “Gemeenschappelijk instrumentarium”

-check if the machine is clean

-If yes, you can use it. With no, clean it or have it cleaned by the former user

-If yes, switch on the main power switch

-push the start button, just before putting in your sample

-lead in your material, guide it in with help of the 2 sliding blocks

-your chopped material is collected in the metal drum below the chopping chamber

-keep an opening above the collection drum to create smooth air flow as well as the flow of material

-after you hear!! that your material is chopped check if nothing is left in the funnels

-push stop button

-check again if nothing is left in the funnels. Open the door eventually.

-collect your chopped sample

-clean the machine by opening the door of the rotor chamber using a vacuum cleaner

-get prepared for your next sample

-Write down you name, date, no of samples and what kind of samples you have as well as how long you used it (in hours). You find a little book -logboek- with the chopper to do so.


Peter Cruijsen, 12 October 2015

CategoryGI- Element analysis
TechniqueChop up material
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Room: HG01.116