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  01. SP8x AOBS-WLL confocal
Short name01. SP8x AOBS-WLL confocal
Full nameLeica SP8 AOBS-beamsplitting white-light laser confocal laser scanning microscope with in-line deconvolution

The SP8x confocal laser scanning microscope (Leica-microsystems) is mounted on a fully motorized DMi8 microscope on which x, y, z, t; lambda (wavelength), and sequential scans can be acquired at multiple positions and in z-stack. There are functions for stitching, and digital “best focus” determination also in z-stacks. Deconvolution can be done on the attached CUDA PC equipped with the LAS X module "Lightning". Live-cell imaging can be performed using a closed lid that controls CO2 and relative humidity levels, and using the big incubator box that controls temperature and airflow. 

  • Objectives
  • 10x / 0.40  Air (FWD = 2.2 mm)
  • 20x / 0.40  Air (7.5 mm long distance)
  • 40x / 0.60  Air (3.3 mm long distance)
  • 40x / 1.10  Water (0.65 mm)
  • 63x / 1.40  Oil (0.14 mm)
  • 100x / 1.40  Oil  (0.13 mm)
  • Lasers
    405 nm diode laser + pulsed White Light Laser (WLL), up to 8 tunable excitation lines from 470-670nm can be applied simultaneously
  • Detectors
    2 GaAsP PMTs, 2 HyDs (high sensitivity, linear photon counting and time-gating), 1 normal transmitted-light PMT

In addition, the DMi8 microscope can be utilized for wide-field bright field and fluorescence observation. Images can be acquired with a monochrome DFC365FX camera..

  • Filter cubes
    DAPI (LP425), FITC (LP515), Rhod (LP590), and Y5 (BP 662-738)


CategoryGI- Light microscopy / Image analysis
LocationHG01.239 (optional AP1)
AccessContact Jelle Postma
ApplicationsConfocal imaging (x,y,z,t,lambda, stitching, autofocus), deconvolution microscopy (resolution down to 140 nm), live cell imaging, photon counting and time-gating, flexibility of excitation (405 nm laser + WLL) and detection of emission.
Contact 1Jelle Postma
Room: Huygens 01.222
Contact 2Geert-Jan Janssen
Room: Huygens 01.222
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