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  06. DM2500 upright
Short name06. DM2500 upright
Full nameLeica DM2500 upright widefield fluorescence microscope

The Leica-Microsystems DM2500 microscope present in room HG01.228 is an upright microscope equipped for imaging in transmission (bright field, phase-contrast [10-100x], dark-field [from 10-40x]) and fluorescence mode.  

Objectives with magnification 2.5, 10, 20, 40 and 100x are available. Images can be recorded with a DCF7000T Leica sensitive color camera (up to 1920x1440 pixels) that can be operated for bright-field, but also fluorescence, phase-contrast and dark-field wide-field microscopy. Freely definable ROIs in combination with binning are possible.

Other functions beside simple acquisition of images involve image averaging, shading corrections,sharpening with active noise reduction, white and black balance, HDR acquisition, time lapse imaging and streaming mode.

The camera works together with the LASX software. The modules for image overlays, time-lapse and video streaming are present. 

Fluorescent filters mounted on the system are:

A (excitation: 340-380 nm, emission: >425)

I3 (450-490, >515)

N2.1 (515-560, >590)

Y5 (590-650, 662-738)


CategoryGI- Light microscopy / Image analysis
TechniqueBright-field, dark-field, phase-contrast, fluorescence
LocationHG 01.228
AccessContact Jelle Postma
Applicationsuniversal wide-field light microscopy
Contact 1Jelle Postma
Room: Huygens 01.222
Contact 2Geert-Jan Janssen
Room: Huygens 01.222
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