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  Leica EM AFS
Short nameLeica EM AFS
Full nameLeica EM AFS Freeze-substitution device

With this Leica EM AFS it is possible to apply freeze-substitution with a controlled raise or decrease in temperature (intuitive operation on the control panel). Following substitution one can automatically further proceed with the imbedding and polymerization of resins under ultraviolet light (with LED) at low temperature. A procedure upto five days can be applied without the need to refill liquid nitrogen, thanks to the large volume of the Dewart tank. Samples can be kept between -140 and +70°C.

CategoryGI- Electron microscopy
LocationHG 01.216
Contact 1Geert-Jan Janssen
Room: Huygens 01.222
Contact 2Liesbeth Pierson
Room: HG01.222