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  Sp5 CFS Multi-Photon
Short nameSp5 CFS Multi-Photon
Full nameSP5 CFS Multi-Photon
Dedicated for in vivo measurements
Resonant scanning system SP5
Chameleon Ultra II Laser system (680 - 1080 nm)
Multiphoton excitation and detection
EOM beamrouting and modulation
2-channel direct coupled high sensitive RLD detection
SP scanhead triggering by external components
Electrophysiological signal integration
Message 2This device is not supported by the GI. Please contact Prof. R. van Wezel for access and training.
CategoryGI- Discontinued Devices
Techniquefluorescence microscopy, confocal imaging
LocationCDL - PRIME
Contact 1Richard van Wezel
Room: HG.00.830
Internet link