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  Zeiss inverted microscope
Short nameZeiss inverted microscope
Full nameZeiss Axiovert inverted trans/fluo 135 TV

This inverted microscope for microscope slides and plates has bright-field and DIC optics and functions in conjunction with a Coolsnap color camera. The Q-imaging  pc-hardware has been transfered from the very slow old pc to the new image analysis pc. DO NOT FORGET TO BOOK THAT IMAGE ANALYSIS PLATFORM AS WELL WHEN YOU WANT TO USE THE COLOR CAMERA.

The entire monochromator unit, sensitive monochrome camera and acquisition/analysis software (which were dedicated to ratio(calcium) imaging)   have been transferred in 2012 to the main user: the Department of Neurophysiology. A reserve lamphouse for fluorescence imaging has been mounted in 2013.

Message 1This device is not supported by the GI anymore
CategoryGI- Discontinued Devices
Applicationsbright field, DIC, Fluorescence microscopy (with restrictions)
Contact 1Ioannis Alexopoulos
Room: HG01.222
Contact 2Geert-Jan Janssen
Room: Huygens 01.222
Internet link
Additional device (1)Camera - Coolsnap color camera
Additional device (2)Image analysis platform