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  3. Leica "Thunder"
Short name3. Leica "Thunder"
Full nameLeica DMi8 widefield microscope with "Thunder" fast computational clearing protocol


Automated DMi8 (inverted) with hardware autofocus (AFC) and motorized polarizer.

Excitation Lines: Lumencor 4-line LED with the following available wavelengths

  • 395 nm
  • 470 nm
  • 550 nm
  • 640 nm

Emission Selection:

DFT5 quad-cube for high speed fluorescence imaging (Blue, Green, Red, Far-red, or 100%) enabling specific capture of:

  • 420-450 nm (eg. DAPI, Hoechst)
  • 506-532 nm (eg. GFP, FITC)
  • 581-607 nm (eg. RFP, TRITC, Cy3)
  • 666-724 nm (eg. AlexaFluor 633, DRAQ5, Cy5)

Detection: Leica DFC9000 GTC

  • 4.2 MP sCMOS camera, 6.5 μm pixel size (19 mm sensor diagonal)
  • 82% quantum efficiency, dark current of 0.14e-/p/sec
  • ca. 90 frames per second acquisition speed
  • extended dynamic range of 33000:1


  • 5x/0.12 Dry
  • 10x/0.40 Dry
  • 20x/0.80 Air
  • 63x/1.20 Water

Stage: High speed/precision quantum stage

Environmental Control: Incubator with temperature controller

Software Modules:

  • LAS X 3D for 3D rendering of acquired volumes
  • “Navigator” for large tile scan
  • “Thunder” for instant or volume computational clearing and improvement of resolution
CategoryGI- Light microscopy / Image analysis
TechniqueWidefield fluorescence with computational clearing
AccessContact Jelle Postma
Contact 1Jelle Postma
Room: Huygens 01.222
Contact 2Geert-Jan Janssen
Room: Huygens 01.222
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