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  Leica SP8 SMD
Short nameLeica SP8 SMD
Full nameLeica SP8 SMD
Message 1new Super resolution and FLIM options!! for info: Gert-Jan Bakker
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CategoryLaser Scanning Microscopy
TechniqueLeica SP8 confocal laser scanning microscope with a 405nm diode, an argon (458, 477, 488, 514nm), a white light laser (470 - 670nm) and a two channel Picoquant FCS detection system.
LocationRT (M850) room 6.73
Accessresearcher after thorough and subject related instruction/training by qualified MIC personel
Applicationslive cell imaging, fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy, concentration and mobility analysis of (small) molecules inside living cells
Contact 1Gert-Jan Bakker
Contact 2Marieke Willemse
Room: M850.06.075